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+ Earth Science Green Pages

Hommocks Earth Science

+ Regents-Earth Science



Animations & Visual Aids


PhET Interactive

Simulations & animations (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)



Online Graphing Tools



Online Chart Tool

+ Plotly

Unit 1: Introducing Earth

+ Why Earth Science

+ Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) Video

+ Putting Earth's history into perspective

What are Continents?



Earth's Moon


Moon Phase Simulator


+ Tidal Locking: Why do we see only one side of the Moon?

Synchronous Rotation of the Moon

The Moon Illusion

Total Lunar Eclipse in One Minute

Moon Origin Theory

+ The Moon's Inclination & Eclipses

+ Does The Moon Really Orbit The Earth?

+ Bay of Fundy Tides

+ Darkside (view all sides of the Moon)



+ The Moon HMX

+ Tides & Currents (Real time data)

+ Does the Moon look the same in different countries? 





+ 100,000 Stars

+ Star in a Box (Life Cycles)

+ Elements and Spectral Analysis



How big is the Sun?

Creating Elements from "Nothing"

The Elements: Forged in Stars

Where Does The Sun Get Its Energy?

+ Where does the Sun get its Energy (Fusion)

+ Star Sizes

+ The Expanding Universe

+ Hubble's Expanding Universe

+ Oldest Galaxy Ever Discovered

+ Andromeda Collision

+ Picture of the Big Bang (CMB)

+ Big Bang, Cosmology: Crash Course Part 1

+ Beyond the Big Bang (1 hour 30 mins)

+ Betelgeuse Star Supernova View from Earth​



+ Galaxies & Stars HMX

SolarHam Sun Data




The Universe


Spectroscopy of Stars

Cosmic Background Radiation

Stephen Hawking - The Expanding Universe

Hubble's Expanding Universe

Supermassive Black Holes

Measuring Gravitational Waves (LIGO)

+ Milky Way - Andromeda Collision

Microwaves and Radio Waves

The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves


+ The Universe HMX

Astronomical Calendars

+ Spectra of Gas Discharges


General Meteorology Sites

WW2010 Online Meteorology Guide

Jetstream Online School for Weather

   - Topic Matrix

Fundamentals of Meteorology Animations


Structure & Composition


Greenhouse Effect 

+ Greenhouse Effect Basics

1976 Standard Atmosphere Calculator​


Videos & Animations

+ Atmospheric Layers / Structure HMX



+ Earths Atmosphere HMX

+ Composition and Layers 

Ozone Watch (Facts & Data)


Why the Sky is Blue

Auroras Explained

+ Aurora 


Atmospheric Energy


+ Monsoons

+ Global Energy Balance



Conduction Explained

+ Convection Time-lapse (clouds)

+ How Do Greenhouse Gases Actually Work?



+ Transfer of Heat Energy and Energy Balance 

Meteorology GIFs

Geology & Mapping


Climate & Hydrology


'Wobble' leads to discovery 

Newfound World Shatters Distance Record

What Arises When Water Turns to Ice

The Curious Case of Polywater



Sleet and freezing rain: What's the difference?

Cuomo Seeking Home Buyouts in Flood Zones

Why dry air is heavier than humid air

The Great New England Hurricane of September 21, 1938 on its 75th anniversary

Explaining the chill this morning- Radiational Cooling

Hoar Frost

Why dry air is heavier than humid air

Why are Shade Balls Black Instead of White?

The Science Of Why Cities Are Warmer Than Rural Areas



Manhattan Sunset

Does Earth have a second moon?

What is the cosmic microwave background radiation? 

Voyager 1 becomes first human-made object to leave solar system

"The Universe is Shrinking" --Bold New Theory Challenges Standard View of an Expanding Cosmos

Is Oxygen a False Positive for Alien Life?

How was the Moon Formed?

Orbital Resonance

Surprise! Newfound Asteroid Is 'Quasi-Moon' of Earth



The climate change consensus: a call for care in interpretation

Solar Activity Lowest in Almost 100 Years, Implications for Climate Potentially Significant

Does Lake Michigan's record low mark beginning of new era for Great Lakes? 

Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come?

Climate change: The case of the missing heat

Greenland is Melting Away (NY Times)



+ The quest to make a crystal harder than diamonds

Tectonic Plates' Patterns Revealed 

Carbon Storage Studies Grapple with Politics Geology 

Pressure, and Mystery, on the Rise: Predicting Volcanoes’ Activity Is Tricky, and for Iceland, Nerve-Racking

Earthquake Task Force Recommends More Preparations (Good, short article)

Japan Opts For Massive, Sea Walls To Fend Off Tsunamis 

The Really Big One

Geology Class is the Best Science Elective

Under the world's greatest cities, deadly plates

New Land Off Louisiana Seen from Space

Newly Discovered Layer In Earth's Mantle May Solve Earthquake Mystery | The Weather Channel​

Historic Events

The 1938 Great New England Hurricane (Long Island Express)

Hurricane Sandy: The Science and Impacts of a Superstorm