Period 2 | Honors Earth Science

Welcome! This page contains information specific to Mr. Timlin's Period 2 Earth Science class. It will be updated regularly with information about assignment due dates, the dates of tests and quizzes, and other important announcements throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to bookmark this page for frequent use. 

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Assignment Calendar                                   

Note: All assignments are due on the day next to which they are listed.

Week of 9/27

Monday: No HW due





Week of 9/13

Monday: Earth's History Quiz. Be able to effectively use pages 8 & 9 in the ESRT to answer questions about Earth's past, use a ruler to measure to the nearest tenth of a cm, make scale model calculations using proportions.

Tuesday: Read pages 5 and 6 in your review book and use the information to complete the Density pre-lab worksheet distributed in class today.

Wednesday: Read pp. 2-4 and answer #1-18 ending on p. 7 in your review book.

Thursday: No HW due.

Friday: Density Lab Report due. Density Quiz. Be able to use the density and percent error equations, and show a conceptual understanding of density and experimental error.


Extra Help (Room S8)

Tuesday 3:00 pm

Thursday 7:30 am 

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