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Atmospheric Vitals

Global Temperature Anomaly

+ Global and Regional Climate Anomalies

+ NASA GISS Data & Images

NASA: GISS Surface Temps

Atmospheric CO2 Concentration

(Mauna Loa)

+ Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Abundances

   - Data

U.S. Drought Monitor

Ozone Hole Watch

+ Satellite Observations of Arctic Change


Solar Data


+ Sunspot Number

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report​

Total Solar Irradiance Data 

+ NOAA Solar Calculator (interactive)


Cryosphere Data

+ Arctic Data archive System (ADS)

Sea Ice Reference Page

Arctic Sea Ice Graphs

+ Arctic Sea Ice Figures (Z. Labe)

Global Sea Ice (Cryosphere Today)

+ Polar View

Greenland Surface Mass Budget

Greenland Ice

Svalbard Sea Ice Graphs

+ Canadian Ice Service

+ Polar Portal

Rutgers Global Snow Lab

+ Snow or Ice Extent Graphing Tool

NOAA - Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory​

+ Ice-Core merged data

+ Ice Sheet vital signs

+ Sea Ice spacial comparison tool

Winter & Snow

Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index

National Snow Analysis

National Snowfall Analysis​


Snow or Ice Extent - Graphing Tool​

Snow Cover Maps​

+ NH Daily snow extent graph

+ Snowfall Reports (24, 48, 72 hours)

+ A Comprehensive Winter Weather Forecast Checklist


Ocean Data

+ NASA Sea Level Change 


Climate Sites


Climate Etc. 

Reporting Climate Science



+ Brian B's Climate Blog


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