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Islip, NY Temperatures
Islip, NY Daily Solar Angle
Islip, NY Wind
JFK, NY Dewpoint Temps
Islip, NY Major Snowstorms
Islip, NY Daily Temperature Climatology

Daily temperature averages and extremes for Islip, NY.  The range of temperature extremes (calculated by subtracting the daily record low from the daily record high) is meant to provide a sense of changes in daily temperature variability throughout the year.

Islip Temp climo
Islip, NY Solar Noon Altitude Data
These charts show the daily altitude of the sun at its maximum angle above the horizon at local solar noon, and the daily change in maximum altitude compared to the previous day.  More rapid changes in solar angle occur near the equinoxes, while changes in solar angle slow near the solstices.
Islip Solar
Islip, NY Wind Climatology
Seasonal and diurnal patterns of wind speed in Islip, NY.  Seasonal variations in large scale thermal and pressure gradients give rise to the patterns of wind speed and direction shown here.
Islip Wind
JFK New York, NY  Dewpoint Temperature Climatology
JFK dewpoint
Islip Major Snow
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